About Lubhaya John, President of: The Shepherd’s Table Foundation

Lubhaya John was born on February 3rd 1978, to Samma and mother Seema Masih. Growing up, his family lived in a environment of relative obscurity and penury. When he was six years old, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him in a dream and said, “You will be do my ministry, I have chosen you for my work” When he woke up, he shared the experience with his parents, but they did not believe him, obviously because of his tender age.

On becoming young man Lubhaya forgot about everything, even the vision of Jesus, which he had seen. Later on, he suddenly became violently ill. His parents took him to different places and consulted with several doctors but they had no money to pay the necessary hospital bills and other charges. His parents had no means of getting him help from anywhere. All this time Lubhaya was suffering Terribly.

One day an evangelist named Rafeeq Masih came to their village to do evangelism. Lubhaya’s parents invited the evangelist to come their home and pray for him. Evangelist Rafeeq came and prayed, also prophesied over Lubhaya. He said the Spirit of the Lord told him that Lubhaya has been chosen for the Lord’s ministry. But Lubhaya responded: “I don’t want to do ministry because I don’t like it. I also don’t know anything about the Bible.” Like Moses, he was making excuses to avoid the ministry, but the evangelist responded by expounding to him the word of God regarding repentance and salvation, for about an hour. As the evangelist prayed, the Lord opened the eyes of Lubhaya’s heart, and at once he accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. Within a few days thereafter, and by the grace of God he miraculously received complete healing and deliverance. He subsequently submitted to water baptism and has continued in sweet fellowship with the people of God.

On June 15th 2012 he attained to a Bachelor of Theology Degree at the Tabernacle Bible Institute, Punjab, India, (an Affiliate of the International Institute of Church Management Florida, USA); and he obtained his Pastoral Certificate and was ordained on September 15th 2014 at Rehoboth Grace Mission in Haryana, India.

Presently Pastor John, his wife and his 12 member team of faithful friends have started a small ministry doing business for God in Punjab, India. They have been relentlessly spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the unreached people of their area. They are committed to proclaiming the kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel, helping the broken-hearted and setting the captives free. “We are bringing peace, love, faith, hope and revival to the people of India” he passionately remarks. “Please pray for laborers and provision as we are few yet. Our Ministry is blessed with few servants of God laboring in different parts of Punjab.”

Pastor Lubhaya John is Founder/President of  SHEPHERD’S TABLE FOUNDATION (STF) He asks for Prayer for special anointing in his ministry, for God’s protection as he travels to various places to conduct open air meetings, cottage meetings, fasting, prayer meetings in different areas at different times.

Pastor John and his wife Nirmal have three children, Slomi (daughter) 22, William Masih (Son) 21, and Blessy John (daughter) 14. Present address: vill: Trija Nagar, p.o: Dhariwal, District: Gurdaspur, Punjab state, North India postal code-143519. Email: stablef63@gmail.com, phone +91 6280001769, 9876646363.  His motto: “I have come to the ministry field with a great burden to bring the message of salvation to the unreached people of India. I request to you please pray for the laborers and provisions as we are few yet.  We would like to grow our congregations and spread the word to the world. I do hope that you will uphold us and our needs in your daily prayers.”


Whether it is over the counter pain killers, tobacco, marijuana, opiates, or alcohol; drug addiction affects approx 11.8% of the world’s population, nearly 900 million persons worldwide.

more than 8 million people on the planet die annually from causes related to tobacco use, 480,000 in the united states alone. an additional 70,000 americans die annually from drug overdose, more than twice those who die in motor vehicle accidents.
in canada, a country far removed from mexico, south america, or nations from the east, approx 21.6% are considered drug dependent. this means that more than 8 million canadians are suffering from some form of substance abuse; approx. 1 in 5.
these statistics are staggering, but you will find similar, in every nation, and in every community, no matter where you live.
the financial burden of caring for those suffering with addiction, is enormous, costing canadian taxpayers $ 22.8 billion per year, costing the american taxpayer more than $ 800 billion per year, the worldwide cost, in the trillions.
why is this happening?
for many the use of drugs is a way of dealing with life; to escape from a reality strewn with stress and anxiety, a chance to withdraw from the challenges that confront us as people.
for some its a way of dealing with physical pain and suffering; for others the cost of wealth, and fame.
but no matter the reason why, drug addiction is the leading cause of suicide and depression in every age group, particularly among our young; teenage depression and suicide more often linked to drug addiction or abuse, than for any other reason.
though it is a way for many to socialize with others, the use of drugs in our society is a precipice from which many, do not survive the fall.  the cost on families and loved ones, beyond measure; the price of a person’s potential, is a loss that often can never be restored.
it may seem to the rest of us, that such individuals are just having ‘a good time’; but eventually the devil makes a call, looking for his due, and he is always one, that expects to be paid.
i found it interesting in my research that in the vast number of cases, those falling victim to addiction, had previously lost something they might never have had …. GOD; and it is just as true for those recovering that this very thing that was missing in their lives, was now a path forward, a way of stepping out of the darkness, into a new day; where they could now accept a future, where a past was not looming. but even so, with every life there is a death, and for every person surviving their fall, there is a piece of them that must be spoken to … a piece, that must be left … to ‘die’.
we all make choices in our lives, but choices have consequences; for some the medical value of drugs is one that helps persons in need cope with struggles they can’t fight otherwise; and a doctor is there to prescribe. but for everyone else the choice you make for drugs that lead you to a precipice from which you might never recover, is a statement to all, that you do not have what it takes in yourself to deal with the reality around you; that this, is a sign, of weakness, not strength in who you are as a person, and a loss to those around you, who might actually care.
except for medical reasons, all you have to say is ‘no’; ‘i don’t need a fix’; ‘i don’t need something to dictate to me how my life is going to be’. you can say; ‘no’ two simple letters … that say to the darkness inside … ‘goodbye’.
the choice …. is yours.

Began my walk into the darkness of drugs as a teenager, could tell you of the thousands of dollars in cost to my parents due to overdoses and near death experiences.. Overdosed on PCP or angel dust as it was called,, I was basically in a coma for three days, they asked my mother the first night, if you are catholic, you might want to call a priest, they didn’t expect me to live through the night. But God allowed me to live and I woke up.. Drugs caused conflict between myself and family members for years.. Overdosed on barbiturates, blood was clotting in the veins, had to do an intravenous wash.. That almost killed me… I am alive today because of the mercies of God…could tell you how drugs and alcohol ruined my first marriage , and caused me the loss of being with my son and watching him grow up….Tell someone about how bad drugs are…if you do not want to have a life,, if you do not want to know love and be able to give love , if you want to walk around and basically be among the living dead, go ahead…it may be party time for a while but in the end, the party will destroy anything and the relationships with everyone around you.. Drugs will kill your self-esteem, your desire to do well in life and work.. And any hope for a good family life… and, it only gets worse

Ps. James Burson, USA.